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Hampshire Based Wedding Photography

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Capturing the essence of your

special day!

With combined experience of more than 35 years in professional photography, we have established a style that allows us to use our expertise in an informal, ‘fly on the wall’ way, to capture the true essence of your day, in a way that suits you.

We pride ourselves on our relaxed, friendly and unobtrusive approach, documenting every step of your wedding, without disturbing the proceedings of your day.

We like to think of ourselves as part of your wedding, mixing in and capturing the personalities, stories and special moments that make your day unique.


Before your wedding… 

We are adaptable. We will meet with you to understand your expectations and wishes, as well as any suggestions you have on how best we can represent what your wedding means to you.

Whenever possible, we will also visit the venue(s) before the wedding day to make sure that we are well prepared, have a good understanding of the space and set-up, and make the most of the natural light. This also allows us to troubleshoot any potential challenges in advance, and may also include joining you for your rehearsal

if possible.  

On your wedding day… 

We will be there to document the atmosphere and ambience of your day, from the bride / groom ‘getting ready’ (if this is something you choose), the arrival of your guests, the ceremony and reception. Working as a team allows us to capture the ‘big moments’ as well as those little ones you may have missed.


We will work with you to select, edit and compile your pictures so that these are available to you in a polished format, according to the package of your choice...

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Ever since my uncle gave me a camera at the age of ten, I have been fascinated by photography. So much so that I always carry a camera wherever I go, because I never want to miss the perfect shot.
It’s the same when I’m working – there’s something deeply satisfying in going beyond the client’s expectations to capture the image that tells their story.



With over 20 years experience as a professional
photographer, I enjoy the challenge of shooting almost any job thrown at me and doing so to the highest level.
Having learned my trade on film and successfully converted to the technologies involved in a digital workflow, my imagery remains fresh, exciting and directly relevant to all your needs.



I am passionate about photography and telling stories through my images.

My Grandparents gave my first camera when I was six years old, and I have never looked back. From the early days of documenting the world from knee height through to working professionally in corporate, dance, and weddings photography.

I am always looking to capture that perfect moment and produce images you will treasure forever.


Katy & Joel

- Katy & Joel -

Thank you again, so very

much, for all your hard work photographing our wedding. We are completely delighted with the pictures, they are a perfect representation and reminder of the day!

Michelle & Steve

- Michelle & Steve -

   Jon & Ollie captured everything we asked for and more.  We wanted a blend of professional wedding portraits but also candid and natural photo's of all our guests enjoying the day.  Having two photographers at the wedding was perfect for us as you got both the bride and groom pictured getting ready and also had different aspects and styles from each photographer.

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